18 February, 2015

Secrets of My Diary | #6. ~Self-Esteem~

There is something good and there's something bad too in people. It depends upon you what you want to learn from them. And unless you have respect for them you can't learn from them.That's why I say 'I love respect more than I respect love'.Then comes judging people. How can you judge anyone whom you met just a few months ago. There are people who know me since I first opened my eyes into this world. There is my family who know me from years and still counting. Then how come you know anyone completely in a couple of months.I know I'm not perfect, but I'm trying.What are you doing? Please! Think.But, I really feel pity upon you when you judge me because of my past or how much you know or how much I show.Do you know why?That's because I don't live there anymore.

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