18 February, 2015

Secrets of My Diary | #6. ~Self-Esteem~

There is something good and there's something bad too in people. It depends upon you what you want to learn from them. And unless you have respect for them you can't learn from them.That's why I say 'I love respect more than I respect love'.Then comes judging people. How can you judge anyone whom you met just a few months ago. There are people who know me since I first opened my eyes into this world. There is my family who know me from years and still counting. Then how come you know anyone completely in a couple of months.I know I'm not perfect, but I'm trying.What are you doing? Please! Think.But, I really feel pity upon you when you judge me because of my past or how much you know or how much I show.Do you know why?That's because I don't live there anymore.

Secrets of My Diary | #5. ~Happiness~

We came to life crying. And we want happiness while dying.Such is the life we keep expecting.Our time is limited to the end of its nature primeWe have not a goal or any extra time.All we do is make fun of oneAnd with friends,we think that's fun.We have not the respect for people we closely knowAnd we crave for their love in moments of sorrow.Think upon yourself for a momentWill they come down to help when you lament?Then how can you expect Allah to doBut still Allah will do; because He's the only true.'The reason why we feel sadIs because Allah is not happy with us.'The disregard and the disrespect we showDon't we know to whom we'll go?And we say happiness is all fun.Looking within to have found none.Make Allah happy.You'll never be sorry.It sometimes makes me happyAnd sometimes surprised.If I die today having done nothingHow will I stand before Allah as prophesied!‪#‎Forgive_me_ya_ALLAH‬~SaIz

Secrets of My Diary | #4. ~Satisfaction~

The reason why no one has ever established satisfaction in their lives is that it's a never ending sumptuous desire. Whims mostly are never comprehendible. And one should believe that being satisfied is a state that should be evaluated upon self-assurance. But, we are the victims of our own egotism eventually.
There's a point in saying that I'm satisfied with myself and it's not even a bit selfish; the reason being the admittance of the Almighty Allah and His blessings and rewards. 
At the same time there is never a sigh in saying that I'm satisfied with what I've done. Though it might seem perfect on a note of realization, but when we spare ourselves for the cause of the rewards then we have to consider doing every possible thing to feel satisfied.
Make your sweetest desire your last mistake! Don't just hang on to things that hanged up. First know your worth, then do what you are worthy of.