04 January, 2015

Strangely Friends; Friendly Strangers! 2015- The Novel

Page: 3

This life is temporary. So I am happy to let you go; because I'm planning to be with you in Jannah. I wrote it in my fable and went to bed. As I laid down and as it always happens I began with my out of the world creations.Things are so crazy and life is so strange. On the very first day of my new life was I struck by this thought. That was when I was assured by Him that He will grant me a home in Jannah where we'll stay forever this way.I said to myself Ah..I don't love you. I really don't. It's something more than that. But, I will still use the same word because I haven't still discovered the word for my cause.On a personal note love is just freaking over-rated. Okay! Let's not get distracted from my purpose.From the day we started talking. I knew I wanted you around, forever. But forever was just never happening because I know this world's gonna end, I'm gonna grow old and die and that we will have to depart.So, I promise to follow you to the end of time. And believe me when I say that I knew you loved me. May be the thoughts descended or you were not just there yet. That's the reason why I don't call it love. Just wait for me, somewhere between reality and all that we've ever dreamed.

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