04 January, 2015

Secrets of My Diary#3. ~Realization~

People are crazy and times are strange
I used to care but things have changed

This little infinity of ours
For the fault in our stars

Let go off the invidious thoughts
Still relying on the lone forwards

Into the sighs of hurried wayward
For the heart implies the awkward
Knowing what I want

Preferring what I need

Subtle will be the partitions of life
That day will distance all my strife.


Strangely Friends; Friendly Strangers! 2015- The Novel

Page: 3

This life is temporary. So I am happy to let you go; because I'm planning to be with you in Jannah. I wrote it in my fable and went to bed. As I laid down and as it always happens I began with my out of the world creations.Things are so crazy and life is so strange. On the very first day of my new life was I struck by this thought. That was when I was assured by Him that He will grant me a home in Jannah where we'll stay forever this way.I said to myself Ah..I don't love you. I really don't. It's something more than that. But, I will still use the same word because I haven't still discovered the word for my cause.On a personal note love is just freaking over-rated. Okay! Let's not get distracted from my purpose.From the day we started talking. I knew I wanted you around, forever. But forever was just never happening because I know this world's gonna end, I'm gonna grow old and die and that we will have to depart.So, I promise to follow you to the end of time. And believe me when I say that I knew you loved me. May be the thoughts descended or you were not just there yet. That's the reason why I don't call it love. Just wait for me, somewhere between reality and all that we've ever dreamed.