18 December, 2014

Two Things : Just two

Two things : Importance and Necessity.
And when you're not Important, nothing is Necessary perhaps.

Two things: Appreciation and Realization.
And you know you don't need somebody's Appreciation to Realize what you're worthy of.

Two things: Done and Undone.
And what's Done can't be Undone.

Two things: Confidence and Ignorance.
And if you are Confident enough to move forward, you'll most probably Ignore what's trailing behind.

Two things: Complain and Explain.
And never, never Complain to anyone, to get them a chance to Explain.

Two things: Impress and Express.
And you live to Express what you are, not to Impress by how you are.

Two things: Love and Life.
And when you Love your Creator, He will then be proud of giving you Life.

Two things: Expectation and Disappointment.
And you must stop Expecting from creatures so as to never get Disappointed.

Two things: Live and Leave.
And if you can't Live happily then Leave happily.

Two things: Note and Story.
And it's been 'A Note to Self' and 'An End of Story'!


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