18 December, 2014

Secrets of My Diary | #2. ~Resurrection~

Secrets of My Diary

#2. ~Resurrection~

As I lay down at night
Under the drizzling dim light
I know there is Someone
Watching me from above
Someone who looks after me
Every second of my day
Someone who has created me from clay.
Someone who tames the sea.
Someone who I know will be there till my end.
Someone who is my only true friend.
Someone beyond the skies.
Someone who can always see.
Every little guilt that I daily do.
Every little nectar that creates the hue.

Every little lie that I say.
Every other game I play.
Every little hurdle that came my way.
Every little price that I pay.
He will reveal all the genuineness of my life.
He will do justice against my strife.
The day of judgement will be the end for sure.
And the beginning of a new life utmost pure.



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