25 November, 2014

Somewhere between growing up!

How often it happened in my life
When I felt all alone banged with a knife
And wanted my nearest and dearest's favor,
But that person swallowed somebody else's opinion rather.
Leaving me completely broken,
And not even a single section of my heart was sunken
To b right about selecting,
That person as my nearest and dearest without complaining.
My loneliness kept on begging,
If she could help me out of this mess starring.
Then I lost my hope when she said it ahead
Those hailstorm like words
And tears burst out perhaps for a long time they shed.
I felt as if I was behead.
There's nothing more I want to say,
'cause I haven't reached so far
From gratifying myself into self-fray.

I always knew what I was to miss as I grow old.
Those simple letters in poor hand-writing
Onto the sheets that appear as mold.
That were darned into places worth remembering.

24 November, 2014

Your beauty is like a sunset on an ocean shore.
You're everything i want and much more.

Your eyes twinkle like the stars in the midnight sky.
Your presence makes me feel like I'm flying high.

Your scent is like the sweetest rose.
Your beauty runs from your head to your toes.

Your beauty takes my breath away.
Your voice, so sweet no matter what you say.

Your beautiful face glistens and shines.
Your beauty makes me wish that you were mine.